18 de maig de 2015

My English COMPETENCE in 2015

This term I made two oral presentations, the first one about humour on YouTube and the second one abot my Research Project, leukodystrophies. The best one is the first because its in pairs and a bit funny, I did it with Edith and we made a little game with our classmates. I should upgrade my pronunciation and try to not be nervous when I speak forward class or public in general.


My best written evidence is one about soul mates, because I think that's one of the most personals posts of mine, and I talk about feelings and finally I try to describe the best soul mate for me at this point of life.


17 de maig de 2015

My English Progress from 2013-2015

It is said learning a language needs some practise... or a lot of practise! I've been studying English for more than 10 years and I'll continue for the rest of my life. My first writing of this year is an email to my teacher explaining how do I want my life to be. I made so many mistakes!! (Specially grammar ones, and I had a need of more vocabulary).

My Grammar was a bit rude and childish and I knew it, furthermore writing a post took me 2 hours, I wrote so slowly and reluctantly. Actually I can include idioms, phrasal verbs and the lovely passive voice! ;) Although, the structure of my texts and oral presentatios was fine, I started with an introduction following of the desenvolupment and next the final conclusion.

My first oral presentation was about YouTube and I made it with Edith, we had a great time together preparing it! Our oral presentations tend to be funny and we love having that click with "public", so we made a little game, we putted some photos of famous youtubers and who guessed correctly who was had a candy.

My pronunciation wasn't very well and I made some mistakes with pronouns him, his, them, their...

I hope to get better with all my skills by training and watching English series as travelling a lot around the world.

11 de maig de 2015

News: A new mum has given birth to twins who have different fathers. The mother admitted that she had slept with a different man of her boyfriend. Doctors carried out a paternity test what revealed that the two men are actually fathers. The judge of this case, Mohammad, said he found only two other court cases like this, it seems to occure in one of every 13000 reported paternity cases involving twins.

It seems medically impossible, but it isn't, it's named heteropaternal superfecundation, and occurs when a moman has two eggs during menstural cycle and different men impregnate one egg each.

Opinion: Poor father, what a shameful way of finding out that his girlfriend had cheated on another guy, and then she became pregnant of two!  That's such a familiar drama, the twins are twins but with different fathers, and had borned at the same time same place. For avoiding puzzling situations like these one, think it twice before having an affaire.


Jillian and Hudson Grovenburg

Hawaii Wants To Get 100% Of Its Electricity From Renewable Sources by 2045

News: Hawaii just said that by 2045 all of the state's electricity would come from renewable sources replaicing the present 22%. Hawaii expects being the model that other states or even nations follow. This state has already invested a substantial amount of money in solar energy installing panels, and now the 10% of the energy comes from the sun. Also the active volcanoes will be a source of energy.

Opinion: I love knowing that states want to improve and turn all the energy into renewable. Dependence in fuel is over there! That's not good for oil companies, but it's fine for Earth, and for eliminating pollution. I wish more nations and even countries would put in this occasion to make world a better place. The paradise idyllic island will be even more delightful in 2045.

What money can't buy

It is said money can't buy happines, but it can help to reach it. Money can not buy feelings, the human's essence and what marks our life. We act, live, move, love... because of feelings, and no one won't buy my feelings, nobody can decide what I feel.

Is it ethical to pay children to read books or to get good grades? Of course I'd like to be paid for that I'd earn money for something I love! But that is not ethical, The incentive of a good book is the pleasure to read it, make up the story, and not to earn money! If we educate children in this way they'll expect money for everything in life, for going into a museum, for listening one hour of quantum's physic...

Money won't never buy my happines, money would help me to reach it, money would pay the back to the world, money would buy the coolest dress of Abercrombie's but not the feelings and stories I'll have wearing it.


                 Figueres, Sant Pau street, number 70

Palau de la Generalitat


Dear Sir Arthur Mas

Inspite of complaining about many situations, you are not our superhero, I am going to focus on my situation. I am 18, and I should be on cloud nine, but I am not, because even finishing high school this year and starting the best part of my life in university, I might not pay my daily life out of home. Students need more grants and supports to dedicate all day to study and not all night to work.

Studing a degree is a full rime job and families should not struggle just for trying to give the best opportunities to their grown kids.

Yet, that is not all, The students that can finish their degree are forced to move away, to another country, like Germany because they can not work on what they have studied. Catalunya is educating some people, but then it loses them.

Artur Mas, I am asking you more opportunities, more scholarships or grants for us, the future of Catalunya if it finally becomes a state. Education is a Human Right and everyone should be able to afford it.

Looking forward to your prompt reply.

Yours Faithfully

How to steal $1 billion in three days

News: 1 billion dollars disappeared from Moldovan banks over the course of three days in November 2014. The principal mastermind behind the mega fraud is Ilan Shor, who's 28-year-old. He's one of the richest people in Moldova with the wealth of his father. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and corruption is many present. Shor has been charged with corruption and placed under house arrest, for the moment he hasn't made any comment .

Opinion: Corruption has been always present in many countries, Spain is expert in how to manage this cases, just kidding :)

Stealing 1 billion dollars in three days has reached a new level in corruption. Sir Shor is a highly qualified banker who doesn't care about poverty of the others, he only want to earn and make money.
Like all the others corrupts he will be fine in a luxury prision meanwhile someone who steals bread to eat goes to prison for two years.

Government is on the side of affluents, it doesn't care about society or worker class.